PTFE   Also TeflonŽ -- Fluoropolymer   Color: White
  • Available as glass-filled, mechanical, or virgin.
  • Resistant to high heat and a wide variety of chemicals.
  • Available in most of the basic shapes utilizing both virgin and reprocessed resins.
  • Specific gravity is 2.31, about 130% heavier than water.
  • This is a superior product with temp ranges of -400o F to +500o F, and a ph range of 0 to 14.
  • PTFE is also available in an expanded form as sheet and tape.
  • TYPICAL USES: Virgin resin is mandatory when the need to certify to military or other specifications exists. Virgin resin is also highly desirable when the need to control impurities exists in markets such as Medical, Aerospace, Electronics, Food, and Drug industries.
  • Expanded PTFE is an excellent gasket material for chemical resistance and temperatures to 500o F.