Custom O-Ring Cord Seattle


An O-Ring is a torus object, frequently referred to as a doughnut shape, usually made from an elastomer and used primarily for sealing or for light duty drive belts.

We are suppliers of a large selection of both rings and cord, including custom manufacture for special requirements. The following is a brief overview of product availability:

  • Nitrile, neoprene, natural gum rubber, silicone and Viton™ O-Ring material
  • English and metric cross sections
  • O-Rings and O-Ring kits
  • Splice kits (neoprene, nitrile and Viton™)

Our technical support staff can provide assistance relating to:

  • Achieving optimum performance
  • Potential causes of failure
  • Characteristics and limitations
  • Fluid compatibility
  • Materials selection
  • Material ranking by temperature range, oil resistance, tear resistance and more
  • How to make splices using cord
  • …and even storage and handling recommendations

Call Gardico, Inc. if you need additional information about our materials, sizes, and fluid compatibility. We can help you make the right selection!

O-Ring Materials


The following is a brief description of our O-Ring materials and their mechanical properties:

  • Nitrile: May be used in conjunction with silicone greases/oils, water, petroleum oils/fluids; ethylene glycol fluids
  • Good wear resistance and compression set resistance, short term resilience and permeation resistance
  • Neoprene: Recommended for use with ammonia, Freon, dilute acids, some petroleum oils, and silicone ester lubricants Good wear resistance, moderate compression set resistance, good permeation resistance, and moderate short-term resilience
  • Natural gum rubber: Recommended for use with water, dilute alkalis, amines, lower alcohols and silicone oils and grease
  • Silicone: May be used in conjunction with jet fuel, dry heat, some petroleum oils and chlorinated solvents Poor wear resistance, moderate short-term resilience, moderate compression set resistance and poor permeation resistance
  • Viton™: Recommended for use with most acids and chemicals, petroleum oils and fuels, silicone oils and greases, di-ester lubricants and halogenated hydrocarbons Good wear resistance, excellent permeation resistance, moderate short term resilience and excellent compression set resistance

We also offer O-Ring kits. Call for information about our kits and the materials, durometer and ring sizes they contain.

Order an O-Ring Kit

We offer assorted O-Ring kits containing a variety of materials, sizes and styles in standard and metric cross sections suitable for your repair needs.

Our kits are designed as effective tools for:

  • Reducing your maintenance and assembly costs
  • Eliminating guess work in parts selection
  • Saving part-sorting time
  • Convenience and ease of use

You may also find value in our splicing kits containing neoprene, nitrile and Viton™ O-ring material in standard and metric configurations. These kits contain cord, cutting and splicing tools, and adhesive.

Call Gardico, Inc. to place an order. 206-283-5850