PTFE Joint Sealant in Seattle

Expanded PTFE (Teflon®) is available in sheet form and as a joint sealant (tape) and as valve stem packing.

While we have a wide range of elastomeric materials, the use of expanded PTFE joint sealant is highly recommended in the fluid sealing industry because of the following characteristics:

  • Soft, pliable, and tough
  • Chemical resistance in the 0-14 pH range
  • Does not deteriorate with age
  • Seals rough and irregular surfaces
  • Ideal for temperatures ranging from -400 deg F to 500 deg. F
  • Seals up to 3000 psi can be achieved
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Chemically inert to most substances

While virgin grade PTFE material properties are highly desirable for many applications in markets such as medical, aerospace, Food and Drug, and electronics, and we promote their use in a number of applications, the newer expanded PTFE materials are engineered with fillers that to have high conformability and torque retention, thereby reducing maintenance time.

Call Gardico, Inc. if you have questions about the properties to consider for your application, or the use of expanded versus virgin grade PTFE material.

Expanded PTFE Material

With the use of expanded PTFE material our PTFE joint sealant provides a highly compressible and pliable trouble-free seal with a long-life.

Unlike the conventional PTFE with cold flow tendencies, use of PTFE expanded material has shown good creep resistance and good torque retention properties.

Several additional properties of our PTFE joint sealant include:

  • Weather resistance to nearly all climatic conditions
  • Extreme heat, cold and ultraviolet light resistance
  • Electrical stability over wide range of frequency and environmental conditions
  • Form in place capability
  • Can be used on rough flanges or irregular surface

Our high performance joint sealant is an exceptional product that is a staple in the fluid industry.

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Our PTFE Material Has Good Torque Retention

The use of expanded PTFE material in general has shown improved resistance to creep and cold flow over other virgin resin grade PTFE.

We highly recommend our PTFE joint sealant for nearly any accessible bolted joint with a flat or serrated sealing surface, especially for sealing where bolt loads are low. It is available in 1/8” o 1” widths.

These are some of the benefits of our extruded PTFE joint sealant:

  • Seals with low bolt loads
  • Resists cold flow
  • Good torque retention vs. other styles of PTFE

Our joint sealant is designed for use by engineering professionals and multiple types of industries for sealing complex flanges so that no leakage occurs.

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