Custom Neoprene Rubber Strips

We supply rolls or strips (tapes) of foams and solid elastomers in custom widths, thicknesses and lengths including:

  • Open-cell and closed-cell silicone
  • Microcell urethane (PoronĀ®)
  • Closed-cell foams: Neoprene (CCNS), EPDM, VitonĀ® and PVC
  • Gum rubber and 40A neoprene strips, available with 1 or 2 beveled edges
  • Co-extruded open-cell foam core with solid neoprene coating
  • Custom neoprene and nitrile strips for tank mounting

We can apply pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to our closed-cell foam materials and solid rubber strips used primarily in sealing applications to block weather, moisture and dust conditions. The gum rubber and 40A durometer neoprene strips serve marine equipment, hatch covers and engine compartments. These may be supplied with beveled edges.

If you need assistance in selecting the best industrial laminates or industrial bonding for your material, call Gardico, Inc. to speak with a member of our technical team.

Industrial Laminating and Bonding

Many of our customers across multiple industrial sectors benefit from laminating pressure sensitive adhesives to materials such as nitrile and neoprene foams and shapes and strips of solid elastomers, felt and cork.

Our industrial laminations include

  • applications of pressure sensitive adhesives to roll and sheet materials by utilizing heat and pressure
  • the bonding of layers of rubber and foam
  • the bonding of rubber layers to achieve non-standard thicknesses
  • the bonding of sheet rubber to metal sheets.

We also offer industrial bonding of materials that are ideal for cushioning, sealing, anti-vibration, sound dampening for use by multiple industries.

The use of these applications of transfer adhesives to a range of materials brings added high performance advantages that simplify end-use applications with:

  • Cost effective alternative to mechanical fasteners
  • Instant bonds
  • Conformability
  • Consistent performance capabilities

Depending on customer requirements and the end-use application, our industrial laminating can supply differing types of adhesives for pressure-sensitive applications of foams, solid elastomers, felt and cork.

We supply a variety of industrial applications that require a pressure sensitive adhesive backing for ease of installation including but not limited to:

  • Felt material used for heavy machinery pads and weather stripping
  • Foam strips for enclosure doors
  • Custom neoprene rubber strips for tank mounting
  • Cork, rubber or felt composite gaskets for automotive, construction and industrial equipment
  • Cellular or solid elastomers used for shock absorbing and vibration applications
  • Our industrial bonding and assembly capabilities offer design benefits and manufacturing efficiencies by eliminating the need for mechanical fastening methods.

    You can rely on us to provide application support with industrial bonding solutions for a range of materials such as foam strips and custom nitrile and neoprene rubber strips.

    For superior project effectiveness and efficiency, call Gardico, Inc. for industrial bonding and pressure sensitive adhesive laminating solutions for applications such as neoprene rubber strips for tank mounting, or closed-cell foam strips with PSA for enclosure doors. 206-283-5850