Mechanical Packing and Pump Packing


Mechanical shaft seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime.

We are a leading service oriented supplier of an excellent selection of mechanical packing products to seal shafts for rotating machinery.

Our mechanical/pump packing materials include:

  • GFO
  • Flax/ramie with petroleum lube
  • Synthetic with petroleum, graphite lube
  • Synthetic with PFTE suspensoid, PTFE lube
  • A variety of PTFE material variations
  • Carbon fiber with graphite
  • Graphite fiber, lubed
  • Flexible graphite, braded
  • Mineral fiber with PTFE, PTFE lube
  • Premium flax with PTFE
  • Mineral fiber, graphite
  • Carbon yarn, PTFE with lube
  • Aramid fiber with PTFE

We offer GFO, graphite, carbon and PTFE products for the most severe services and to meet demanding applications.

Call Gardico, Inc. to keep your operation running and for managing your critical sealing applications with high-quality packing materials for pumps and shafts, and valve stem packing replacement. We also offer custom graphite packing material to seal in the toughest conditions.

Valve Stem Packing

Choosing the best valve stem packing material is critical to overall valve performance.

We offer valve stem packing in the following materials:

  • Expanded PTFE (Teflon®)

    Conforms easily, very high density when compressed, pH -14, temp -400 to + 50 degrees F, pressure to 1450 psi

  • Graphited yarn over Inconel® superalloy

    High temperature, high pressure steam applications, pH 2-12, temp to 1200 deg. F, pressure to 2500 psi

As a service oriented supplier across multiple industries, we also offer mechanical packing and pump packing in a variety of materials including custom graphite packing material for demanding applications.

You can call on us for technical information for mechanical packing including the use of graphite packing, and as sealing specialists with solutions to achieve optimal valve performance.

Custom Graphite Packing

We have decades of experience and materials expertise in meeting the demands and challenges of mechanical packing-pump packing and valve stem packing.

Among the many materials used in our pump packing and valve stem packing products, the use of our custom graphite packing material provides an excellent matrix for high-performance demanding applications with:

  • Extremely high temperatures
  • High pressure
  • High peripheral speeds
  • Alkalis, mild acids, oil and super-heated steam resistance

When your application requires a leak rate nearly equivalent to a mechanical seal, our custom graphite packing is an excellent recommendation.

Call Gardico, Inc. for a full selection of packing solutions and the expertise to recommend the best material for your application. 206-283-5850