Seattle Cork HVAC Gaskets


Gardico has the expertise to fabricate exactly what the customer requires for the use specified:

  • weather stripping
  • duct sealing
  • plenum or piping connection gaskets
  • equipment mounting for isolation or vibration damping
  • or other applications

Our automated machines can readily produce strips in custom widths and lengths, pads and blocks of any dimensions and cut shapes to match any flange shape. Our computer controlled water jet with a 6-foot by 12-foot table and flash cutter with a 5-foot by 10-foot table work from the same CAD file base and offer precision parts with efficient use of materials.

Supported by CAD drafting, the conversion from customer drawing, sample, or sketch is done efficiently and maintained for future use as well making it easy to accommodate extra parts which may not be anticipated.

Call Gardico, Inc. for prompt and friendly solutions to your demanding applications and exact requirements.

Seattle Rubber Gasket


The application determines the material to be used. For many applications strips of foam rubber, with or without adhesive, are used. Gardico carries a wide selection of thicknesses of

  • closed-cell neoprene rubber (commonly called CCNS for closed-cell neoprene sponge) which can be cut to the required widths and lengths.
  • EPDM foam is used where better resistance to sun, ozone and weather is required.
  • Silicone foam is used for wider temperature range applications.
  • Vinyl nitrile (PVC) closed-cell foam for oil and petroleum product resistance

For sealing the joints in duct work and piping, gaskets are cut to match the flanges. These cut shapes may be of solid or foam rubber, of rubber-cork (cork granules bonded with nitrile or neoprene rubber), or of felt. Nitrile-cork resists gas, oil and other petroleum products while neoprene-cork is better for some refrigerants. PTFE (TeflonR) joint sealant is another option sometimes chosen.

Equipment such as pumps and fans are mounted on cushioning pads or blocks to reduce any vibration or sound from transmission through the structure and to protect the structure from the weight and vibration of the equipment. These pads can be supplied with

  • different degrees of hardness, called “durometer,”
  • different thicknesses and
  • holes to match the configuration of the equipment.
  • They are usually made of neoprene but may also be made from EPDM for outside installations.

Call on Gardico Inc. to provide solutions for a broad array of HVAC applications with gaskets of rubber, foam rubber, rubber-cork, or felt to meet your designs. 206-283-5850. 800-567-9663

Seattle HVAC Gasket


Gardico should be your primary supplier of HVAC gaskets in Seattle offering superior service and short lead times (usually same day or next day) with

  • its extensive inventory of materials offers
  • its multiple processes for fabrication
  • its ability to add adhesive to most products
  • its computer-aided drafting to capture design details

Our fabrication equipment can handle any material

  • three presses including our computer controlled press for die cutting
  • the flash cutter with a 5-foot by 10-foot table for short to medium runs
  • the water jet with a 6-foot by 12-foot table for thicker or harder materials
  • the computer controlled roll slitter for efficient cutting of strips and roll conversion

Call Gardico Incorporated for helpful service in solving your HVAC sealing problems. 206-283-5850, 800-537-9663