Tri-Cities Custom Die Cut


If you are in search of an experienced custom die cut service provider in Tri-Cities, WA, Gardico, Inc. can offer a customized solution for all your product development needs. We have been providing Tri-Cities custom die cut services for the fabrication of gaskets, pads, insulators and precision die parts.

With our help, scaling up production of the custom die part becomes a cost effective and hassle free endeavor.

Our Tri-Cities custom die cut service has been catering to the needs of the aerospace, marine and industrial sectors in the country. We have been continuously optimizing our Tri-Cities custom die cut processes to the latest developments in the industry.

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We offer:

  • Die cut machine
  • Custom glass cutting
  • Custom die cutting
  • Die cutting services
  • Die cutting machines

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Tri-Cities Die Cutting Press


The Tri-Cities die cutting press process that we employ can handle the die cutting of a variety of materials including polymers, natural rubber and much more as per the requisite standards.

By hiring the services of our Tri-Cities die cutting press, the process of fabricating custom products becomes easy and economical. With our help you can improve the overall turn around of your product line and optimize it to accommodate the needs of the market.

The Tri-Cities die cutting press that we employ for the job is well maintained and operated by experienced technicians who can get the job done as per your schedule. Some of the Tri-Cities die cutting press systems that we employ includes NC Press, 50T Press, 20 ton clicker and much more.

Give us a call now for a free consultation with our technicians regarding:

  • Die cutting press
  • Custom die cutting
  • Die cutting of gasket sheets
  • Precision die parts

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Tri-Cities Rubber Die Cutting


If you need a custom die cut for a rubber gasket for your industrial machinery, you can rely on our Tri-Cities rubber die cutting. Most people tend to opt for Tri-Cities rubber die cutting when there is an absence in the market for a suitable product.

With the help of our customized fabrication services, you get to easily manufacture the product of your choice with zero compromise on built quality.

The Tri-Cities rubber die cutting services that we offer were developed in-house by our team of experts who have been working in this industry for decades now. Our Tri-Cities rubber die cutting services are optimized to such an extent that you get the perfection that you desire without going overboard in terms of expenditure.

Our services include:

  • Roll conversion
  • Water jet cutting
  • Flash cutting
  • Expansion joints

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