Tacoma Cork HVAC Gaskets


Business owners looking for one of the finest HVAC gasket products on the market should consider the cork HVAC gaskets offered by Gardico Inc. Since 1977, our company has been supplying gaskets, gasket materials, and material conversion services to customers from diverse commercial sectors.

We are the leading supplier of cork HVAC gaskets in Tacoma, WA. HVAC units need gaskets with very specific properties. An HVAC gasket should:

  • Offer tight sealing even in areas that bend or flex
  • Prevent leakage and promote energy-efficiency
  • Reduce noise
  • Minimize vibration
  • Have minimal side flow
  • Be fire-resistant and able to withstand high-temperature environments

Cork has these features and is, therefore, an ideal HVAC gasket material. We offer standard and custom cork HVAC gaskets to Tacoma businesses. Call us if you need cork HVAC gaskets for commercial refrigerators, furnaces, compressors, ducts and more.

Tacoma Rubber Gasket


We are also a premier source of rubber gasket material in the Tacoma area. Rubber gaskets are made for several applications across different industries, like the automotive, maritime, aerospace, electrical and HVAC sectors. Our company offers high-quality rubber gasket material to meet wide-ranging needs.

Respecting the tight and stringent deadlines our customers work under, we maintain a large inventory of rubber gasket material to ensure that their orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. We also specialize in rubber gasket design and production.

The capabilities maintained by us include die cutting, water jet cutting, rubber lamination and application of pressure sensitive adhesive. We supply gaskets and gasket material in many different types of rubber products, such as:

  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • Butyl
  • Nitrile

Tacoma HVAC Gasket


A service-oriented approach and commitment to excellence are two things that differentiate our company from many other suppliers of HVAC gasket products and materials in Tacoma.

HVAC equipment manufacturers in this region who come to us with their HVAC gasket needs can trust us for gaskets that conform to their exact design, size, thickness and tolerance requirements.

They can rest assured that our rubber or cork HVAC gaskets will match the highest quality standards. Our customers can also count on us for:

  • Timely HVAC gasket delivery
  • Gracious customer service
  • Fair and affordable pricing

Do you need cork or rubber gasket material in Tacoma for your industrial application? Does your facility need custom-made rubber or hybrid cork HVAC gaskets? Gardico Inc. can help. Call 206-283-5850 now!