Tacoma Vibration Damping


Some vibration is a normal part machine functioning and use in buildings or structures. However, generation of excessive vibrations is a reason for concern.

It can create several problems with the structure/equipment. These include:

  • Extra wear and tear
  • Emission of noise
  • Breakdown

The only solution to such troubles is use of appropriate vibration dampening materials. This is where Gardico, Inc. comes in.

As a long-standing supplier of custom-made products for enhancing equipment performance, we offer vibration damping mounts and bearing pads in Tacoma, WA to help businesses with shock absorption on their projects. Our company also supplies expansion joints designed to isolate vibration and reduce mechanical or structure-borne noise.

We strive to provide vibration damping solutions that are highly effective in eliminating the potentially damaging high or low frequency oscillation of machinery/structure components. Our technicians work closely with you to understand your precise shock absorption and vibration damping needs in Tacoma so as to suggest vibration dampening materials that are just right.

Tacoma Shock Absorption


Get in touch with us now to discuss the resonant vibration issues that you are encountering and let our experts develop the ideal solution. We have been supplying vibration damping and shock absorption material in the Tacoma area since 1977.

Long experience has honed our knowledge and capabilities. Today, we provide shock control and impact cushioning solutions for various applications, including:

  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • Bridges
  • Generators and turbines
  • Refrigeration equipment and HVAC units
  • Utility services

Regardless of what the shock absorption needs for your project are, we meet them with a product that is elastic enough to take in impact and strong enough to withstand abuse.

Tacoma Vibration Dampening Materials


The vibration dampening materials like Sorbtex and Viblon™ bearing pads offered by us are capable of very high loads. Made to meet rigid MIL, CALTRANS or AASHTO specifications, our vibration damping products are:

  • Perfectly configured
  • High-performing
  • Long-lasting

To ensure that the vibration dampening materials supplied to Tacoma customers are the right selection for the application, we offer a variety of shapes, thicknesses and degrees of hardness.

If you are fretting about uncontrolled pulsations compromising your industrial, mechanical or structural application, lose no time in checking out our shock absorption and vibration damping methods. We are waiting to hear from you.

Get in touch with Gardico, Inc. to know more about the vibration dampening materials it supplies in Tacoma. Talk to our experts at (206) 283-5850.