Tacoma Water Jet Cutting


Do you need the services of a water jet cutting expert around Tacoma, WA? Get in touch with Gardico, Inc.

The technique of waterjet cutting involves the use of a jet of water for cutting materials. Typically, the less dense or softer materials are cut using only water and an abrasive is added to the jet stream of water for working on dense or hard materials.

There are several benefits to waterjet cutting over other conventional methods of precision part making. With this technique, there is:

  • Incredible accuracy in cutting (tolerance of ± 0.005” quite common)
  • Minimal secondary cleanup of edges is required
  • No heat-affected zone produced so no material distortion
  • Minimal waste of material

We provide comprehensive waterjet cutting services and have the skills as well as the resources for cutting a variety of materials including foam, rubber, glass, marble, tile, stainless steel, brass, and copper.

Tacoma Glass Water Jet Cutting


At our facility, we offer highly specialized glass waterjet cutting services for Tacoma area companies. We can cut through different types of glass surfaces using waterjet machines.

Whether our glass water jet cutting experts are called upon to work on high-pressure gauge glass, patterned glass, float glass or any other glass surface, they can be trusted for doing a professional job.

We are equipped to handle all types of large and small, simple and complex glass water jet cutting jobs in the Tacoma area. The equipment and processes used by us allow cutting of complex designs that can be up to 4 inches in thickness.

Whatever the size and scope of the job, our glass waterjet cutting services are delivered:

  • With flawless cuts
  • At a quick turn-around time
  • In the most cost-effective manner

Tacoma Aluminum Water Jet


Our company is staffed by well-trained technicians who are skilled at using a water jet system for high precision cutting of a multitude of materials. Their expertise includes making aluminum water jet cuts.

We offer wide-ranging aluminum water jet machine cutting services for Tacoma area companies. We handle aluminum water jet machine cutting jobs for different types of applications and cater to diverse industries such as:

  • Automotive and HVAC
  • Aerospace, military, and defense
  • Medical
  • Construction

Our technicians have extensive experience in handling even the most challenging of aluminum water jet machine cutting jobs and are known for precise workmanship.

Rely on Gardico, Inc. for all your glass water jet cutting and aluminum water jet machine cutting needs around Tacoma. Reach us at (206) 283-5850.