Bellingham Gasket


If you are looking for the best quality gasket in Bellingham, WA then you in the right place. A gasket is used to act as a seal between mating surfaces especially under compression. It is very essential to choose the right material to seal the surfaces and avoid any form of leakage.

Get in touch with Gardico for the best quality gasket Bellingham has to choose from. Being an established company, we offer custom gaskets for various purposes and in various materials. Call us or reach out to us when you require any gasket Bellingham of the following type:

  • Manhole gasket
  • Ring gasket
  • Gaskets for water works
  • Meter gasket

We assure you of providing the best quality gaskets specific to your requirements. We can discuss about your requirements regarding material and usage specification.

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Bellingham Custom Gaskets


We are there to help you provide any custom gaskets Bellingham that you require for your particular usage. We are an established company and comply with the industry standards to cater to custom gaskets Bellingham.

Rely on us for any type of custom gaskets Bellingham. We have vast experience and expertise in providing gasketing solutions to various industries and applications. Simply let us know about the requirements of custom gaskets Bellingham which include the following:

  • High temperature furnace gaskets
  • Hydrant gaskets
  • Hatch gaskets for hatch cover
  • Boiler and incinerator gaskets

We are well equipped with the best fabrication equipment that helps us provide custom gaskets Bellingham with precise specifications as required.

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Bellingham Gasket Material


The choice of the right gasket material Bellingham is important to ensure that the surfaces are adequately sealed. If you are unsure of the best gasket material Bellingham for your particular need, take the help of our experts. We are trained and ready to answer any questions that you may have.

Count on us for the best quality gasket material Bellingham and cutting edge technologies to cater to any gasketing requirements. We produce gaskets in shapes like round, square, strips, rolls and die cut. Choose the gasket material Bellingham from any of the following:

  • Ceramic fiber cloth gasket
  • Fiberglass with vermiculite coating gasket
  • Rubber and rubber cork gasket
  • Cloth inserted neoprene gasket

We have fabrication capabilities to use the best quality materials to produce gaskets of any configuration. Get in touch with us to know more about our services and pricing.

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