Wenatchee Gasket


Gardico is a service-oriented gasket supplier in Wenatchee, WA. We have a solid trajectory in the Wenatchee gasket market, providing superior products and workmanship since 1977. Several manufacturing sectors rely on more than one dependable gasket for their production methods. A gasket is a sealing device that creates a pressure tight seam between multiple stationary elements.

The quality of a gasket determines their durability and resistance to pressure, temperature fluctuations, and even electrical forces. It is our focus to assist our customers in improving their performance, guiding them towards the appropriate Wenatchee gasket selection to suit their specifications.

A Wenatchee gasket serves an essential function in the automotive, electronics, appliance, and military industries. We offer a comprehensive range:

  • Exhaust system gasket
  • Standard gasket
  • Ring gasket
  • Meter gasket
  • Water works gasket

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Wenatchee Custom Gaskets


Apart from standard gaskets, we are experts in the fabrication of Wenatchee custom gaskets. We produce custom gaskets to match what you already have or create what you need according to your requirements. Our knowledgeable technical support team is at your service to discuss your application needs and determine the most effective Wenatchee custom gaskets to meet your goals.

We deliver superior, high performing Wenatchee custom gaskets with a quick turnaround. Our custom gaskets are trusted by marine, automotive, and industrial customers for their unparalleled quality. We make any size and shape custom gaskets in any desired quantity and use, from washers to tank seals.

We fabricate Wenatchee custom gaskets from a single application to large production runs such as:

  • Pipe flange gaskets
  • Hatch gaskets
  • Furnace gaskets
  • Hydrant gaskets

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Wenatchee Gasket Material


From natural and synthetic rubbers to high-temperature fabrics, we have a broad Wenatchee gasket material inventory. Our exhaustive Wenatchee gasket material portfolio includes rolls, sheets, strips, pads, and cords. We offer Wenatchee gasket material converting services, such as die cutting, slitting, stripping, and water jet cutting for most materials and thicknesses.

The gasket material significantly impacts the performance for the intended application. There are numerous Wenatchee gasket material options available, each offering unique characteristics that work well on different systems. Our large gasket material inventory includes construction, fabrication, marine, MRO, and OEM applications.

We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate Wenatchee gasket material such as:

  • Cork HVAC gaskets
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Plastic gaskets
  • Foam and sponge
  • Gasket paper
  • Vegetable fiber gaskets
  • Felt gaskets

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