Everett Vibration Damping


Are you exploring the different vibration dampening methods you can use on your project for resolving the problems caused by excessive pulsation and resonance? Let the search end at Gardico, Inc.

We are a custom fabricator of vibration damping materials serving Everett, WA since 1977. Our company offers top-notch solutions for:

  • Industrial vibration control
  • Structural vibration damping
  • Equipment pulsation impact cushioning
  • Sound insulation in structural/mechanical application

We supply shock absorption and vibration dampening materials for a vast array of applications across multiple industries. Our vibration damping solutions are used by Everett residents to control damaging vibrations in heavy industrial machinery, HVAC units, refrigeration equipment, pipelines, bridges, presses, railroad applications, and much more.

Discuss the vibration issues on your project with our technicians today.

Everett Shock Absorption


The correct vibration damping materials go a long way in improving the efficiency, reliability and durability of a machine or structure. Meanwhile, their shock absorber function dampens the irritating noise produced when something vibrates excessively.

Understanding this, we develop optimal vibration control and shock absorption solutions for every client. Our range of vibration dampening materials for Everett customers include Neoprene bearing pads, expansion joints, gaskets, cushioning bocks, Sorbtex and Viblon™ bearing pads.

We offer highly customized services and make every effort to ensure the supplied products are a precise match to the specified shock absorption material properties, such as:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Stiffness or hardness
  • Thickness
  • Load bearing capacity

Everett Vibration Dampening Materials


We are committed to providing our customers with the finest possible products for catering to the shock absorption and vibration damping requirements on their project. That is why we supply premium-quality proven vibration dampening materials that our Everett clients can expect to continue performing excellently:

  • Over a long time period
  • Through a wide range of temperatures
  • In different environmental conditions

All of our products are rigorously tested for quality. Make us your first call for vibration dampening materials if you are looking for high-performing products that bring about a marked improvement in the lifespan of your machinery or structure and the safety of its users.

Sourcing vibration dampening materials from us will get you a quality, economical solution. With competitively-priced products, we can to meet your needs for vibration damping and shock absorption material in the most cost-efficient manner.

Need help with shock absorption on your Everett project? Call Gardico, Inc. at (206) 283-5850 to learn about its vibration dampening materials.