Kent Vibration Damping


Since 1977, Gardico, Inc. has been the foremost source for vibration damping materials in the Kent, WA area. Excessive shuddering and resonance that commonly occur during operation of different types of electronic equipment, industrial machinery and structural applications.

We offer vibration damping solutions for resolving these issues. The function of our vibration dampening materials is to help with:

  • Shock absorption
  • Impact cushioning
  • Vibration isolation
  • Noise reduction

We specialize in products, processes and services that are aimed at improving equipment performance as well as reducing equipment downtime. Our technicians fabricate custom designed vibration damping mounts for Kent customers to iron out the noise and tremor issues hindering a project.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our vibration dampening materials and choose the ideal vibration damping method for your needs.

Kent Shock Absorption


Our company caters to a diverse clientele and offers shock absorption solutions for a multitude of applications. We can supply vibration damping and shock absorption material in Kent for:

  • Metal working industries
  • Quarry operations
  • Utility services and pipelines
  • Railroad applications
  • Refrigeration and HVAC units
  • Presses; and much more

Call and speak with out our technicians in detail about the vibration problems you are having on your specific project. We'll suggest the best material for for dampening vibration on your project.

You can count on our experts to assess your needs correctly and give honest, accurate information about the shock absorption material available from our company.

We also assure you of high-performing vibration dampening materials that do not just match your specifications but also meet the highest quality and precision standards. After getting buying shock absorption material from us, you can expect your equipment and processes to run smoothly.

Kent Vibration Dampening Materials


Our company has the capabilities for supplying vibration dampening materials to fulfill different types of needs. Listed below are some of the vibration dampening materials we offer:

  • Neoprene bearing pads
  • Sorbtex and Viblon™ bearing pads
  • Expansion joints
  • Gaskets and cushioning pads or blocks

We provide these vibration dampening materials to Kent residents in size, shape, thickness, and dimensions with corresponding hardness properties suitable to the situation. We go all to make sure that our vibration damping and shock absorption solutions are the finest.

Are you on the market for leading vibration dampening materials for your Kent project? Call Gardico, Inc. at (206) 283-5850.