Anacortes Water Jet Cutting

Anacortes water jet cutting  technology  in WA near 98221

Gardico specializes in precision cutting of a wide range of materials using water jet jetting technology in the Anacortes, WA, area. Anacortes water jet cutting uses a high-pressure stream of water mixed with an abrasive material to cut through materials.

It allows us to cut almost any material with high accuracy and minimal waste.

Some of the materials we commonly cut include metals like steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stone, tile, and glass. We can cut materials up to 5 inches thick. Anacortes water jet cutting is a cold-cutting process, so it does not alter the properties of the material being cut.

This makes Anacortes water jet cutting suitable for cutting even the most delicate materials without damaging them.

We are your choice for the following:

  • Aluminum water jet cutting
  • Jet cut
  • Water jet cutting
  • Aluminum jet cutting

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Anacortes Water Jet Cutter

Anacortes water jet cutter for a variety of materials in WA near 98221

Using an Anacortes water jet cutter offers some major benefits over other cutting equipment. First, an Anacortes water jet cutter is extremely precise. The narrow jet of water can cut through almost any material.

With this level of precision, an Anacortes water jet cutter can handle intricate designs and patterns that would be difficult or impossible with other techniques.

Water jet cutting is also very versatile. It can slice through metal, glass, stone, plastic, ceramic, and composites. No matter how hard, brittle, or heat-sensitive the material is, an Anacortes water jet cutter can cut through it.

This versatility reduces the need for multiple cutting systems and broadens the range of products you can cut and fabricate.

We have invested in the following:

  • Water jet cutter
  • Water jet tile cutter
  • Water jet cutting machine
  • Glass water jet cutting machine
  • Waterjet technologies

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Anacortes Aluminum Water Jet

Anacortes aluminum water jet services in WA near 98221

We utilize an Anacortes aluminum water jet. We chose an Anacortes aluminum water jet because it is a very hard, durable abrasive that can cut through metal, stone, glass, and other hard materials.

Our cutting-edge Anacortes aluminum water jet gives us the power and control to cut nearly any material to your exact specifications.

Our Anacortes aluminum water jet operators have years of experience selecting the right cutting parameters for each job to produce high-quality results as efficiently as possible. Let us put that experience to work, cutting your next project.

We are capable of:

  • Water cutting metal
  • Water jet glass cutting
  • Water jet cutting stainless steel
  • Precision water jet cutting

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